Safe on the Junior Playground

We went out to the Junior playground today and practised playing safely and sensibly. We take turns on the flying fox. If the handle gets stuck in the middle of the flying fox we can only do 2 things:
1 go and ask a duty teacher to get it back for us...OR
2 ask a senior student who can reach to get it for us.
We play safely on the slides and all the other fun parts of the playground that we climb on.

Year 2 GATE group

Four students from each Year 2 class were fortunate to be able to join a group working with Mr Gover on a Friday morning. They were learning about electronics, wires, batteries, circuits and even made a musical keyboard out of carrots!

Here is a link if you would like to see a little of what they got up to.

Year 2 Electronics

I see, I think, I wonder

Today we were learning to look carefully with our eyes and notice details in a picture. Then we had to think and give our thoughts and ideas about what we could see. Finally, we had to write 3 things that we were wondering about the picture or situation and we could use our imagination.

This was the picture we were looking at:

I See I Think I Wonder Mila-Rose I think the river is poisonous because it is brown. I see that there is a person who is worried. I see a kid is scared. I see a river. I think that the day over there is Friday. I wonder if they are needing to go to sleep. I wonder if they are going to fall down the bridge. I wonder if they are hungry or thirsty. I wonder if there are crocodiles and sharks. If I was one of them I would be impressed and terrified! Megan I can see people. I can see that the bridge is broken. I can see that the bridge goes down. I can see that the people have got a scared face. I think that the river has some crocodiles. I think that the children have …

We are Scientists

We enjoyed learning what different scientists do. We learnt about the scientific method when recording and conducting experiments.

We predicted what would happen when we put different coloured water into containers and linked them with paper towels. Our first experiment didn't work out the way we thought it would!

This experiment 'walking water' linked in with our art, learning about how primary and secondary colours are made.

We made some more 'magical colour mixes' with our food colouring and milk experiment... no one predicted what would happen there!

We learnt about the enamel on our teeth and how it is like the shell on an egg. We soaked an egg in fizzy drink and saw how its colour changed. Then we got to brush it with toothpaste and saw the transformation.  We will all remember to brush our teeth!

We loved our exploding film canisters. They did not do what we expected!  When we understood what happened when we mixed an acid with a base we were able to predict…

Road Safety with Constable Lorena

Constable Lorena talked with us about walking safely along the footpath, crossing the road, sneaky driveways and being a safe passenger in a car.
 We walked along our school footpath and practised crossing the road safely, looking both ways and walking.
 We have our own sneaky driveways and carparks at school. We looked and crossed safely. We do not usually cross here unless we are with an adult as it is 'out of bounds'.
We sat in the car using a booster seat and made the seatbelt go 'click'. No one in our class is tall enough yet to go without a booster seat.

Measuring for maths is fun!

When we first started measuring we used unconventional measures. We measured with anything we could find. We knew we had to start at a starting point and use the same sized thing to measure with, and not have any spaces in-between.  Well, that was the theory anyway.

We also estimated then measured the capacity of different sized containers.

Some people decided they would use rulers to measure length. They measured using centimeters.

Visit to Tip Top

Going on the bus with Room 5 was a fun way to travel.

Here we are in front of one of the original old ice cream trucks.

We weren't allowed to take photos inside the factory. We just had to remember all the interesting things we saw about how milk changes into ice cream.  But when we were in the media room we got to choose a free ice cream from the freezer full of icecreams...

...then we got to sit on these fun little seats...

...and couches...
...and benches to enjoy our ice cream...
...with our classmates, friends and parents...
...while we watched a movie that told us all about...
...the Tip Top ice cream factory and lots of...
...interesting facts.

After we finished our ice cream it was time for more fun!